This website publishes poetry that deals with social and political themes. Historically, some of our best poets have been courageous in using their writing gifts to counteract injustice and deal with issues of troubled times. Our democracy is being systematically dismantled without compassion to favor oligarchy, corruption, and oppression of the non-rich and non-white. This is the most inhumane White House in history.

We hope the poetic works herein expose the enemies of a liberal society. If you consider yourself both poet and progressive, please submit your work for publication on this website. If accepted, your poems may also be considered for our sister publication, Good Works Review, an annual print magazine. Please read the Guidelines before submitting.

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Random Poem

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Speaking Truth to Power

by Joan Colby

Author of darkness, dissuaded by the
Browser of intellect with
Declarative sentences; bars of the SuperMax
Prison that insist upon testing, the rote
Learning that leads to endless recitation. Where is the poetry
Of leaves and shadows. The moon goddess who
Fell upon your pillows in one sensuous ray
As if it could always be like this.
Instead, you are marched over a bridge
To the cantilevered porch where permission
Could be granted to the obedient. That’s not who you
Ever could be. Even if your
Fingernails were torn from their red beds.
You write in secret, your diary hidden beneath the stairs
Of your foxed ambition, the pages withering
With lurid inscriptions in the garnet ink
Of menstrual blood. Oh think
What it means to deliver your lungs to the surgeon
Who proclaims if you wish to breathe
You’ll accept the transplant.
The photoshopped memories
Swapped for what you really want to say.