Many poets think they should avoid politics or related social issues in their writing. Au contraire. Poets of our past have used their craft to address or at least illustrate the wrongs of a society and its government. Given the monster residing in our White House, I'd say we poets need to speak loudly and often. As someone born three years after WWII, I can plainly see that we are in more danger of losing our democracy than ever before in history, even more than during the American Civil War.

So the Progressive Poetics website is devoted to high-quality poetry on social and/or political themes. We have no publication schedule. We publish on this website worthy poems as soon as we accept them. Our choices are subjective, of course, but we think you'll like what we like.

I commend other websites that also publish political poems, and you will find work worth reading on those venues. However, there aren't enough of those sites, and most publish too many diatribes, rants, and work of questionable literary merit. We'll do our best to make sure that no matter the theme, the published work is indeed good poetry.

Please visit here often for new poems and announcements. We also announce on social media. Please keep in touch.

—Robert S. King, Co-Editor


About the gratuitous photo: It's a cold world out there.